Monday, August 4, 2008

7 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running in Tip-Top Shape

Living in modern society makes it a need to have a computer. No matter where you are, computers are all around you. The introduction of the Internet made computers that much more essential. The numbers will increase in terms of people with computers; almost everyone already has one.

Computers usually get used daily, causing a lot of wear and tear on them. Regular maintenance is needed for computers. With basic care your computer can work for a long time.

These are 7 fast and simple hints for maintaining your computer.

* First clean your files: The computer runs smoothly when unnecessary files are removed. When a lot of disk space is taken up the computer becomes slow, so remove files that are not used.
* Remove startup items not used: If there are unused items in the task tray, the booting process is slow. Unwanted items in the computer just take up memory that can be used by other programs.

* Any applications not in use should be removed: Uninstall any programs not in use. Your system will not be as fast if it has too many applications.

* Clean and defrag your registry: As you use your computer, the registry becomes fragmented and full of old/useless data. With over-crowded registries the machine will have errors, become slower, freeze and even shut down.

* Scan for spyware and adware: Adware is the ads that pop-up on the screen when using the internet. An additional common problem is spyware, or software that can track your computer use; if you are unlucky this can turn into identity theft. Search for and eradicate any adware and spyware.

* Scan for viruses: One of the simplest, yet most important things you can do is to install anti-virus software on your computer and scan for viruses periodically. A computer's hard-drive can be harmed by viruses. To keep your computer healthy, you must run an antivirus program.

* Keep your computer case clean: Make sure you keep your computer free from dust particles, which can cause problems for your computer. Make a habit of cleaning your computer case in order to keep dust out.

If you follow these 7 steps you will save yourself huge computer repair bills. Even when following the seven tips, make sure you still you service your computer yearly.

Prevention is better and less expensive then a cure. If you follow these 7 basic tips, you can protect yourself and your computer from serious problems.

Kris Mainieri is an accomplished Computer Tech focusing on innovative and unique ways to help people take their computing performance to a whole new level free.

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