Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to Protect Your Home Computer

Home computers are popular among intruders. Home computers with internet connections usually stay connected and this is a good time for intruders or hackers to do their ill will. Intruders may steal your bank records, credit cards information and thus spend your money without your permission.

Your computer including the hard disk space, your processor and your internet connection will also be at risk from hackers. Unscrupulous individuals deliver viruses in your computer by hacking your system. In order to protect your home computer, you will need the following:

-Install Antivirus programs
-Be careful in opening emails
-Install a firewall program
-Backup important files Use unique password

Install Antivirus programs

Virus may harm your computer including the files in it. If virus enters your computer it may be hard to delete it entirely because virus signature oftentimes lingers in your computer system.

Thus, it is important for you to install an antivirus program. By installing an antivirus program you can avoid virus entering your system.

Scan your computer for viruses using the anti-virus program to avoid damage virus can do to your computer.

Be care in opening emails

If you see an email from a sender that you do not know, never open this email. Some viruses are passed on through file attachments. Thus, you will need to avoid opening emails from unknown senders especially those with attachments.

If someone you know accidentally passed a virus to you, make sure that your antivirus program is working properly.

Install a Firewall program

Use a firewall especially if you have internet connections at home. Some malware enter your system when you download free softwares. Even without downloading softwares, some hackers can enter your system through some other means.

It is thus important that the firewall works properly. This is to avoid intruders entering your computer and thus affecting the usefulness of your home computer.

Backup important files

To ensure that you can protect your computer and your files as well, keep a backup of your files in a CD or an external drive. This is to ensure that if your computer system develops issues, you can still retrieve your important files from the backup.

Use unique password

Your password may work to protect you as a person. Your password may also protect your computer from intruders. The most important protection you will need from using passwords in your computer is the protection of your bank details, credit cards details and even your computer system.

Never use your name or the name of anyone in your family as a password. By using capital letters, small letters and numbers in your password, you are creating a unique password that will work to protect your home computer.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Technologies Change Things

By Mark Holmgren

New technology and software solutions, especially large-scale solutions, generally mean changes to operations, business processes, employee learning, reporting, and even how a business engages its client-base.

If your organization is faced with significant change, you might want to consider undertaking a change facilitation process to help ensure that everyone affected can play a role in making change happen effectively and efficiently.

Effective change facilitation requires optimal involvement of users, especially regarding how their particular roles and responsibilities will be affected by a new application or business process. Our facilitation of change begins with ensuring the right people are at the table reviewing business requirements and working together to determine appropriate user Interfaces, reporting requirements, help screen requirements, and learning needs.

We believe as well that line users require appropriate involvement in adjusting business processes, where required, to best utilize the new system.

Executive leadership is paramount Employees look to executive management for leadership and inspiration when faced with major change in the business environment. While the CEO and other key management staff do not necessarily have to be leading the facilitated change process, they should be clear with their employees and other stakeholders about the objectives and intended benefits of the changes. The role of executive leadership should include articulating the vision, leading group meetings at key milestones, ensuring that ongoing communication channels are in place, and providing clear guidance to those who carry responsibilities for the design of change.

Identify concerns and aspirations up front When we engage a client in this work, we stress the importance of working with all stakeholders up front to identify the worries, concerns, resistances, as well as aspirations they have with respect to the many changes coming at them. Such an analysis helps to create an appropriate change strategy.

The stages of a change project A change project occurs over stages, from the identification of business needs all the way through project implementation. For those affected by the change, they need to be "helped" along the change path, first by increasing their awareness of the need to change, which is typically best accomplished by involving them appropriately in the initial stages of the project or initiative.

This involvement builds their desire to find solutions to their needs and challenges. As the project moves through its conceptual stage, their knowledge grows in terms of needs and solutions. They begin learning about what new abilities they will have, which require regular reinforcement well past implementation. An appropriate change process will address these stages effectively and in a timely manner.

The change team Given that the software applications are often implemented in concert with business model changes, we recommend striking a change team that involves key vendors/suppliers and relevant representation from the organization's staff. This central team is responsible for working with all affected employees and often key customers in order to ensure optimal issues management and to solicit important feedback throughout the project.

For large-scale initiatives, it can be helpful to contract with an external consultant to coordinate, if not lead change management activities.

Communication is key Part and parcel of a stellar change process is regular, informative, and clear communication throughout all phases of the initiative. If a technology initiative is affecting many employees in various locations, it might be prudent to create a website exclusively devoted to the project, where staff and other stakeholders can go to glean the latest news about progress, provide input as required, download pertinent materials as they are developed, and communicate with one another in functional groupings.

Mark Holmgren is the President of 24 reasons consulting. He specializes in helping non profits and businesses in strategy development, the development and measurement of organizational metrics, and in technology innovation. Visit the 24 reasons website at and/or the company's blog at

Friday, August 8, 2008

Upgrade Your Computer to Make it Fast

By Victor Epand

The upgrade of computer memory means to give the computer a new life to work and load something more than before. This gives the computer the capacity to store the data and files. It will also provide it great performing speed. The term upgrades of computer memory can denote several factors. There are different things that can come into consideration while upgrading computer memory: how much memory does the computer have, how much memory does it actually need, what type and how many modules will be used, etc.

Nowadays there are many types of RAM that are available in the market. But the computers are designed in a way that they will support only one particular kind of memory and not anything else. Under such conditions, therefore, the upgrades of computer memory will also depend on various factors.

If the user himself is thinking of trying to upgrade the computer then he should be sure of the memory type being used in the computer. For that a consultation with the manufacturer is a must. Otherwise there is the probability that the user may damage the computer instead of making it perfect.

Many people choose to buy a new computer when they suffer from the problem of lack of memory in the old one. This has often been noticed in case of those people who are not fully aware of the working of the computer and are only familiar with the primary functions of it. In such cases, those people should go for buying memory for the computer instead of moving towards the wrong task. The difference that can be brought in the computer just by the upgrades of computer memory is really amazing. People often find it very hard to believe it.

The process of upgrading the computer is really very simple and easy for which the person doing it does not need to lift the PC nor does he need to search for the handbook or the manual for further instructions. It consists of removing a small knot and placing a memory card in the blank space or replace it with the existing one. Then put the knot again in its place and make it tight. This is perhaps the simplest method of giving a PC a new look and a new life.

Thus we see that the upgrading of computer memory is very easy. The general users can try this out and see the quick difference. They can be glad that they have given the computer a good running capacity.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cheap Ink Cartridges - Can They Affect My Printer's Guarantee?

Separate to the cautions issued by the makers of printers that Cheap Ink Cartridges "MAY" extinguish your printer guarantee, this is not the case.

In essence, it is not permitted by law to extinguish a warranty for using a compatible cartridge, no matter what the product.

The best known example of this is in the car industry. Not so long ago motor vehicle manufacturers were highly aggressive in implying that they would not honor the responsibilities on the motor vehicles if they were not serviced with the genuine components. It was also suggested that the car had to be serviced in their own work shops.

Governments across the world have implemented consumers protection laws to prevent this sort of aggressive activity.

Subsequently manufacturers have had to remain careful in the way they decide to structure the details of their guarantees. That is why you will see the terms "might" and "could" extinguish your guarantee.

Apart from these rules,there is still now a concern for some consumers that the guarantee is in jeopardy if they do not use the genuine product. Obviously the manufacturers are adept in creating concern in the consumers eyes.

In essence, no one has the right to extinguish a warranty for the use of a non-original consumable part. The rules that are in place just pass on the responsibility of fixing the printer to the provider of the faulty part and subsequently onto the manufacturer of that particular part.
In the most unusual event you receive a Cheap Ink Cartridges which damages to your printer weather it be a generic or refilled product, the person now responsible for repairing your printer is who ever provided the damaged cartridge to you.

When Will I Learn If A Cheap Ink Cartridges Have Damaged To My Printer?
So lets say your printer is no longer functioning and you have taken it to, or talked to the manufactures authorized repairer. They have told you that the fault has been caused by a non-genuine or refilled product.

Initially what you should do is ask them to put that comment in writing on their official letterhead. If they object, just explain that it is your understanding that the guarantee is in reality not voided, but referred on to the supplier of the damaged Cheap Ink Cartridges, and that you need their letter to deliver to that retailer to make your claim.

You might also advise that you are sure you will need to get a second opinion, as you are of the opinion it is the right of the retailer of the damaged cartridge to get an independent opinion.
It is advisable to be sure that the faulty Cheap Ink Cartridges remain in the printer, or are at hand for you to take away.

Next I would take a look at your area phone book to see if you can locate a near by independent technician for printers. This might not be that simple as the current low cost of purchasing new printers has resulted in a chuck it away attitude to faulty printers. Anyway it would be a great idea to have the name of a technician to provide to the retailer when you advise them of the fault if possible.

The supplier of the Cheap Ink Cartridges may require some time to go over your claim and this would be fair provided a definite time frame was advised for you to be advised of the Opinion.
If the retailer has a conflicting view of what the problem is, then request that they put those comments in writing on business letterhead.

If there is a difference of opinions, I recommend that you just advise both parties of your intentions to notify the local relevant Government organization to mediate on the situation.
Tell them they have two/three days to reply before you take this path. enclose all relevant paper work. Hopefully you will cause someone to accept responsibility to rectify the fault. If not, it becomes your decision to take legal action. Unfortunately this can be more trouble than it is worth.

So good luck, do some research and I am certain you can locate a good retailer of Cheap Ink Cartridges for your printing needs, and avert this type of issue in the first place by purchasing from a reputable retailer.

Steve Roberts Is an Industry expert on Printer Cartridges and writes regularly on Printers and cheap ink cartridges. You can read more about cheap ink cartridges at his blog,

7 Tips to Keep Your Computer Running in Tip-Top Shape

Living in modern society makes it a need to have a computer. No matter where you are, computers are all around you. The introduction of the Internet made computers that much more essential. The numbers will increase in terms of people with computers; almost everyone already has one.

Computers usually get used daily, causing a lot of wear and tear on them. Regular maintenance is needed for computers. With basic care your computer can work for a long time.

These are 7 fast and simple hints for maintaining your computer.

* First clean your files: The computer runs smoothly when unnecessary files are removed. When a lot of disk space is taken up the computer becomes slow, so remove files that are not used.
* Remove startup items not used: If there are unused items in the task tray, the booting process is slow. Unwanted items in the computer just take up memory that can be used by other programs.

* Any applications not in use should be removed: Uninstall any programs not in use. Your system will not be as fast if it has too many applications.

* Clean and defrag your registry: As you use your computer, the registry becomes fragmented and full of old/useless data. With over-crowded registries the machine will have errors, become slower, freeze and even shut down.

* Scan for spyware and adware: Adware is the ads that pop-up on the screen when using the internet. An additional common problem is spyware, or software that can track your computer use; if you are unlucky this can turn into identity theft. Search for and eradicate any adware and spyware.

* Scan for viruses: One of the simplest, yet most important things you can do is to install anti-virus software on your computer and scan for viruses periodically. A computer's hard-drive can be harmed by viruses. To keep your computer healthy, you must run an antivirus program.

* Keep your computer case clean: Make sure you keep your computer free from dust particles, which can cause problems for your computer. Make a habit of cleaning your computer case in order to keep dust out.

If you follow these 7 steps you will save yourself huge computer repair bills. Even when following the seven tips, make sure you still you service your computer yearly.

Prevention is better and less expensive then a cure. If you follow these 7 basic tips, you can protect yourself and your computer from serious problems.

Kris Mainieri is an accomplished Computer Tech focusing on innovative and unique ways to help people take their computing performance to a whole new level free.

How to Speed Up Slow PC's Running

By Kris Mainieri

Computers are essential in every aspect of our lives. We need them at work, school, business, recreation and a lot more. Because of this importance, you will virtually find every household equipped with PCs or laptops. Since this device is important in our day to day activities, keeping the computer in excellent shape is a must. But since this is regularly used, computers would start to malfunction and result to slow PC XP. There are actually several reasons why computers start to slow down its performance and how to resolve them.

The very first cause of a slow PC XP is the registry. This is basically responsible for holding the entire computer system, hardware and the software preferences. Registry will be damaged once it is infected with dirt hence cleaning is a must. This will not only free up the space but registry cleaning would also solve some of your computer system's errors that can give you computer problems in the near future. To clean the registry, you can find different cleaning registries in the market today. You just have to guarantee that what you will choose is updated and reliable. Cleaning your computer's registry will do miracles on your computer's performance and speed.
The spyware and viruses could also be one of the reasons of a slow PC XP. Once surfing the web, you will eventually encounter viruses and spywares that would infect your PC. Staying out of the internet is not an option instead, you have to make sure that your computer is installed with a virus or spyware scanner in order to prevent any virus infection. These spyware/virus scanner will clean and delete all these harmful viruses that could cause havoc to your computer's entire performance. Do not settle for any substandard anti-spyware as this won't help you in increasing your computer's speed. What you need is a good quality antivirus that can do great wonders in your PC. This computer trouble must be immediately solved as this could not only slow PC XP but also put your computer to a complete halt.

And lastly, your computer's slow performance could be the cause of too little memory. As too much computer breakthroughs happen, more and more computer programs need more RAM in order for the computer to run smoothly. A computer equipped with sufficient RAM is a must in order to let your computer perform its topnotch shape. Adequate RAM is also important especially if you are running multiple programs at a time. A computer with a Windows XP operating system can usually run with a 512 MB of memory. But if your computer is equipped with many programs and applications, it needs twice as much as RAM in order to perform faster.
There are still many other factors that could slow PC XP however the above mentioned factors are the most common. These three, corrupt registry, viruses and inadequate memory are the factors that you should be careful about in order not lose your computer's speed.

Kris Mainieri is an accomplished Computer Tech focusing on innovative and unique ways to help people take their computing performance to a whole new level free.

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Speed Up Computer Performance With These Tips

Slow computer performance could lead you to great disasters. This is mostly frustrating as you are in the middle of an important paperwork when suddenly your computer stops. You are eagerly concentrating on your work but this is all ruined by your computer's inability to properly function. The reason why your purchase your vehicle is to lead you in doing all your important paperwork. However, you would definitely regret purchasing your computer when its performance particularly its speed is not top rated. There are actually many factors that could explain this computer inconvenience. You first need to know what these factors are in order to determine the solution on how to speed up computer performance.

In most cases, the memory is the main culprit of the computer's slow performance. As you add more and more programs to your PC, this would also be the cause why it suddenly stops working. Apart from insufficient PC memory, there are still other factors you should know in order to pinpoint the main cause of your computer trouble. First factor of a computer slow down is a bad file particularly the registry file. Even the smallest file could drastically affect the performance of your powerful computer. Computer owners know that once a bad registry file is detected, this would mean doom for their computer. The corrupted files in the registry could only slow down or even halt the computer's performance. This happens since the registry is considered as one of the most important parts of the operating system since this monitors of the computer owner's preferences, and also the hardware and software installed in the computer. So, if there is any single file that is corrupted, expect that your computer will slow down its operation. If a corrupted registry file is detected, then you need the help of the registry cleaner to be able to speed up computer performance.

Another way to speed up computer performance is to delete unused programs in your computer. To do this, you need the disk cleanup option in order to get rid of all the temporary internet files, downloaded program files and a lot more. There is a common misconception that these files do not contribute to the computer's slow performance. To correct, every computer owner must know that these programs could also be a big cause of a big computer slow down once they start to pile up. To access the disk cleanup option, you need to go first to the start button, all programs, then to the Accessories and to the System tools. Once you have found the disk cleanup option, decide on which file you have to delete. Click ok if you have selected all the unused files.

The disk defragmenter is also a way to easily speed up computer performance. Once your computer files are fragmented, it would take a long time to search for hard disk. Since finding it could take some time, this will prompt your computer to slow down. Just like the process in the disk cleanup option, you need to access the defragementer by clicking the start button, then to the all programs, and lastly to the system tools. Doing any of these will definitely help speed up computer performance.

Kris Mainieri is an accomplished Computer Tech focusing on innovative and unique ways to help people take their computing performance to a whole new level free.
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